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Quantum field theory and scattering amplitudes

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News Releases

Professor Dr. Johannes Henn

Theoretical physicist Johannes M. Henn has been appointed as a new Director at the Max Planck Institute for Physics. The 37-year-old scientist conducts research into scattering amplitudes, which are used for the precise description of accelerator experiments. Henn is one of the world's leading...

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Group members

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Ahmed, Taushif, Dr.

Scientist 200

Capozi, Matteo

PhD Student 238

Chen, Long, Dr.

Scientist 517

Chicherin, Dmitrii, Dr.

Scientist 200

Dlapa, Christoph

PhD Student 201

Heinrich, Gudrun, Dr.

Scientist 284

Henn, Johannes, Prof. Dr.

Director 420

Jahn, Stephan

PhD Student 320

Maestri, Leila

PhD Student 201

Scholtes, Sorana

Press Office 434

Xu, Yingxuan

Student 200

Yan, Kai, Dr.

Scientist 317

Zhang, Yang, Dr.

Scientist 434

Zoia, Simone

PhD Student 201