Information for future IMPRS students

Following your successful application, you will become a member of the IMPRS and receive a contract for three years. The IMPRS curriculum will complement the doctoral study. IMPRS doctoral candidates enroll at either Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU) or the Technical University of Munich (TUM); you will receive your PhD degree from one of the two universities.

Doctoral candidates at TUM are required to serve as instructors for laboratory courses or exercises. At LMU, teaching activity is recommended. More information:

PhD student representatives at the MPP

If you have more questions on the IMPRS PhD study, you can turn to the representatives of the doctoral students at the MPP.

Manuel Ettengruber, e-Mail: ettengruber
Representatives Committee Spokesperson

Ana Fernandes Alexandre, e-Mail: alexand
Speaker of Theory Department, Prof. Dvali, Prof. Henn and Dr. Raffelt
Groups: particle physics & cosmology, theoretical astroparticle physics, quantum field theory

Anna Bertolini, e-Mail: anbertol
Speaker of Experimental Department, Prof. Teshima
Groups: CRESST and MAGIC

Andriana Makridou, e-Mail: amakrido
Speaker of Theory Department, Prof. Lüst and Prof. Zanderighi
Groups: string theory and novel computational techniques in particle physics

Justin Skorupa, e-Mail: jskorupa
Speaker of Experimental Department, Prof. Caldwell
Groups: AWAKE, LEGEND, GERDA, GeDet, BAT, MadMax, ILC, Belle II, Future Detectors

Nina Wenke, e-Mail: wenke
Speaker of Experimental Department, Prof. Bethke & Prof. Mertens & Dr. Schäffner