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MPP-2022-107 High-gradient plasma and laser accelerators , R. Assmann, E. Gschwendtner, K. Cassou, S. Corde, et al., CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs 1, European Strategy for Particle Physics - Accelerator R&D Roadmap, Edited by: Nicolas Mounet (2022) 91, arxiv:2201.07895 (abs), (pdf), (ps), CERN-2022-001, (Externer Link zum Volltext), Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[AWAKE], [In-a-Book]

MPP-2022-105 Contribution Snowmass 2022, White Paper: AWAKE, Plasma Wakefield Acceleration of Electron Bunches for Near and Long Term Particle Physics Applications , P. Muggli, AWAKE Collaboration, arxiv:2203.09198 (abs), (pdf), (ps), Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[AWAKE], [Other]

MPP-2022-104 Mitigation of the onset of hosing in the linear regime through plasma frequency detuning , Mariana Moreira, Patric Muggli, Jorge Vieira, arxiv:2207.14763 (abs), (pdf), (ps).
[AWAKE], [Article]

MPP-2022-103 Controlled Growth of the Self-Modulation of a Relativistic Proton Bunch in Plasma , L. Verra, G. Zevi Della Porta, J. Pucek, T. Nechaeva, et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 129 (2022) 024802, arxiv:2203.13752 (abs), (pdf), (ps), (Externer Link zum Volltext), Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[AWAKE], [Article]

MPP-2022-101 Electron Bunch Seeding of the Self-Modulation Instability in Plasma, L. Verra (2022) , TU München), München (2022), (Externer Link zum Volltext).
[AWAKE], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-2022-99 Neutrino-Mass Analysis with sub-eV Sensitivity and Search for Light Sterile Neutrinos with the KATRIN Experiment, Lisa Schlüter, (Volltext), TU München, Garching bei München (2022-07-29).
[KATRIN], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-2022-97 The Search for 0vbb Decay with LEGEND: Signal the Background and Back the Signal, Felix Fischer, TU München, München (2022-05-18), (Externer Link zum Volltext).
[LEGEND], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-2022-96 Unraveling the origin of high-energy neutrino sources: follow-up searches of IceCube alert events, Martina S. Karl, (Volltext), TU München, München (2022-05-30), (Externer Link zum Volltext).
[Astroparticle Physics], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-2022-94 The Dark Dimension in a Warped Throat, Ralph Blumenhagen, Max Brinkmann, Andriana Makridou, arxiv:2208.01057 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPP-2022-94, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Theoretical Physics], [Article]

MPP-2022-93 High-Precision Large-Area Muon Tracking and Triggering with Drift-Tube Chambers at Future Colliders, G. Eberwein, O. Kortner, S. Kortner, H. Kroha, R. Richter, E. Voevodina, (Volltext), VCI 2022.
[ATLAS], [Conference-Paper]

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