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Publikationen des Max-Planck-Instituts für Physik

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MPP-2003-47 $\Delta r$ and Z boson observables -- electroweak aspects, W. Hollik, (Volltext).
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-2003-46 Theoretical tools for a future e+e- linear collider, Stefan Dittmaier, hep-ph/0308079 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPP-2003-46, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Article]

MPP-2003-45 Polarimetrie von Parametrischer Röntgenstrahlung sowie Entwicklung eines Compton-Polarimeters für niederenergetische Röntgenstrahlung, Jan They, (Volltext), TU München, München (2003-02-12).
[Experimental Physics], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-2003-44 A measurement of the relative decay rate of the charm quark into leptons, Aretina Magdalena David, (Volltext), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München (2003-02-10).
[Experimental Physics], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-2003-43 On a class of embeddings of massive Yang-Mills theory, Andrea Quadri, (MPI-PhT/2003-29), JHEP 0312 (2003) 018, hep-th/0310294 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPI-Pht-2003-29, MPP-2003-43, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Field Theory], [Article]

MPP-2003-42 Higgs decays in the Two Higgs Doublet Model: Large quantum effects in the decoupling regime, A. Arhrib, M. Capdequi Peyranere, W. Hollik, S. Penaranda, (MPI-PhT/2003-02), (Volltext), Phys.Lett.B 579 (2004) 361-370, hep-ph/0307391 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPP-2003-42, PM 03-21, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Article]

MPP-2003-41 CRESST-II: dark matter search with scintillating absorbers, G. Angloher, C. Bucci d, C. Cozzini, F. von Feilitzsch, et al., (Volltext).
[CRESST], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-2003-40 Light detector development for CRESST-II, F. Petricca, G. Angloher, C. Cozzini, T. Frank, et al., (Volltext).
[CRESST], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-2003-39 A Textured Silicon Calorimetric Light Detector, P. C. F. Di Stefano, T. Frank, G. Angloher, M. Bruckmayer, et al., J.Appl.Phys. 94 (2003) 6887, physics/0307042 (abs), (pdf), (ps).
[CRESST], [Article]

MPP-2003-38 Three-Loop Anomalous Dimension of the Heavy Quark Pair Production Current in Non-Relativistic QCD, A. H. Hoang, Phys.Rev.D 69 (2004) 034009, hep-ph/0307376 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPP-2003-38, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Article]

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