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Publikationen des Max-Planck-Instituts für Physik

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MPP-2018-261 Constraints on mediator-based dark matter models using $\sqrt s = 13$ TeV $pp$ collisions at the LHC with the ATLAS detector, The ATLAS collaboration, ATLAS-CONF-2018-051, (Externer Link zum Volltext).
[ATLAS], [Article]

MPP-2018-258 Study of the Tensor Structure of the Higgs Boson Coupling to Gluons in the $pp \rightarrow H \rightarrow ZZ^{*} \rightarrow 4\ell$ Process with the ATLAS Experiment, Maxim Sinner, (Volltext).
[ATLAS], [Thesis]

MPP-2018-257 TCAD simulations of pixel sensors for the ATLAS ITk upgrade and performance of annealed planar pixel modules, Julien-Christopher Beyer, Alessandro La Rosa, Anna Macchiolo, Richard Nisius, Natascha Savic, Reem Taibah, J.Inst. , 1810.10872 (abs), (pdf), (ps), Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[ATLAS], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-2018-256 Characterisation of novel thin n-in-p planar pixel modules for the ATLAS Inner Tracker upgrade, Julien Christopher Beyer, Alessandro La Rosa, Anna Macchiolo, Richard Nisius, Natascha Savic, Reem Taibah, J.Inst. , 1801.02863 (abs), (pdf), (ps), Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[ATLAS], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-2018-255 Extension of a Transistor Model for Irradiated IHP CMOS Transistors for HEC HL-LHC Conditions, Giselher Wichmann, ETH Zürich, Zürich (2018-06-21), (Externer Link zum Volltext).
[ATLAS], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-2018-254 Complex Langevin: Boundary terms and application to QCD, Manuel Scherzer, Erhard Seiler, D\'enes Sexty, Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu, 1810.09713 (abs), (pdf), (ps), Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Field Theory], [Thesis]

MPP-2018-253 Measurements of $W$ and $Z$ boson production in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=5.02$ TeV with the ATLAS detector, ATLAS Collaboration, arxiv:1810.08424 (abs), (pdf), (ps), CERN-EP-2018-259, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[ATLAS], [Article]

MPP-2018-252 Comparison between simulated and observed LHC beam backgrounds in the ATLAS experiment at ${E_{\textrm {beam}}}$ = 4 TeV, ATLAS Collaboration, arxiv:1810.04450 (abs), (pdf), (ps), CERN-EP-2018-240, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[ATLAS], [Article]

MPP-2018-251 Measurement of the $Z\gamma\rightarrow\nu\bar{\nu}\gamma$ production cross section in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector and limits on anomalous triple gauge-boson couplings, ATLAS Collaboration, arxiv:1810.04995 (abs), (pdf), (ps), CERN-EP-2018-220, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[ATLAS], [Article]

MPP-2018-250 Measurement of the photon identification efficiencies with the ATLAS detector using LHC Run 2 data collected in 2015 and 2016, ATLAS Collaboration, arxiv:1810.05087 (abs), (pdf), (ps), CERN-EP-2018-216, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[ATLAS], [Article]

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