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Publikationen des Max-Planck-Instituts für Physik

Suchergebnis: 7626 Publikationen passen auf ihre Suche. Die Liste fängt mit den jüngsten Publikationen an: (7571 - 7580)

MPP-2001-7 Confinement, Chiral Symmetry Breaking, and Axial Anomaly from Domain Formation at Intermediate Resolution, Ralf Hofmann, (MPI-PhT/2001-07), Phys.Rev.D 64 (2001) 085001, hep-ph/0103279 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPI-PhT 2001-07, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Article]

MPP-2001-6 Spacetime as the Manifold of the Internal Symmetry Orbits in the External Symmetries, Heinrich Saller, (MPI-PhT/2001-05), Int.J.Theor.Phys. 40 (2001) 1545-1559, hep-th/0103043 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPI-PhT/01-05, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Field Theory], [Article]

MPP-2001-5 Monopoles and Confining Strings in QCD, M.N.Chernodub, F.V.Gubarev, M.I.Polikarpov, V.I.Zakharov, (MPI-PhT/2001-02), hep-lat/0103033 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPI-PhT/2001-02, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Field Theory], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-2001-4 Anatomy of the lattice magnetic monopoles, V.G.Bornyakov, M.N.Chernodub, F.V.Gubarev, M.I.Polikarpov, et al., (MPI-PhT/2001-06), Phys.Lett.B 537 (2002) 291-296, hep-lat/0103032 (abs), (pdf), (ps), MPI-PhT/2001-06, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Field Theory], [Article]

MPP-2001-3 Light Quark Mass Effects in Bottom Quark Mass Determinations, A. H. Hoang, (MPI-PhT/2001-01), Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections (RADCOR 2000), Edited by: Howard E. Haber (2001) , hep-ph/0102292 (abs), (pdf), (ps), CERN-TH/2001-48, MPI-PhT/2001-01, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-2001-2 The Running Coulomb Potential and Lamb Shift in QCD, Andre H. Hoang, Aneesh V. Manohar, Iain W. Stewart, (MPI-PhT/2001-04), Phys.Rev.D 64 (2001) 014033, hep-ph/0102257 (abs), (pdf), (ps), UCSD/PTH 00-25, MPI-PhT/2001-04, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Article]

MPP-2001-1 Bose Einstein condensation at reheating, G. Mangano, G. Miele, S. Pastor, M. Peloso, (MPI-PhT/2001-03), Phys.Rev.D 64 (2001) 123509, hep-ph/0102080 (abs), (pdf), (ps), DSF-4-2001, MPI-PhT/2001-3, Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Article]

MPP-2000-44 A comparison of the performance of irradiated p-in-n and n-in-n silicon microstrip detectors read out with fast binary electronics, P.P Allport, L Andricek, C.M Buttar, J.R Carter, et al., Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 450 (2000) 297-306, (Externer Link zum Volltext).
[Semiconductor Detectors], [Article]

MPP-2000-43 Design and test of radiation hard p+n silicon strip detectors for the ATLAS SCT, L. Andricek, D. Hauff, J. Kemmer, E. Koffeman, et al., Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 439 (2000) 427-441, (Externer Link zum Volltext).
[Semiconductor Detectors], [Article]

MPP-2000-42 On Supersymmetric Dark Matter, Pavel Fileviez Perez, (Volltext), hep-ph/0012206 (abs), (pdf), (ps), Eintrag bei inSPIRE.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Thesis]

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